Our communication series

Make it Ealing publish a series of communication pieces throughout the year to help connect businesses, share information and promote our projects and services.


Printed and published every 2 months. Circulated to all Make it Ealing business members. Includes:

  • An update on Make it Ealing projects and services;
  • New business openings;
  • Local information on street works or improvements;
  • Training courses;
  • Social media update


  • Make it Ealing are happy to add fl yers / invitations to the envelope. Please call the team or simply drop these off to the Make it Ealing team office.
  • Notify us of any event, off ers, business updates or meetings you’d like to advertise.

Make it Thursday calendar update

Weekly email reminder update with basic date information. Circulated to Make it Ealing members. Includes:

  • Key dates
  • Local information

Contribute: Simply send an email to info@makeitealing.co.uk with your date updates.

Social and digital media

Website: www.makeitealing.co.uk is the go to website for all local information for businesses and customers using the town centre alike. It’s a one-stop shop for all Ealing information. The website is undergoing a refresh and redevelopment in 2017-2018 to update content, ensure our new company branding is reflected. Includes:

  • Events
  • News
  • Make it Ealing Projects
  • Travel Information
  • Local recruitment / jobs
  • Business Directory

Contribute: Your business directory page is yours! Simply email us any information you’d like to add to your page including flyers, high-resolution images, updates or offers.

Linked to our website are our social media channels

  • Twitter: @makeitealing with a growing 4812 followers we connect with people interested in Ealing and share local information. We aim to use the #’s : #Ealing #Ealingbroadway #business #highstreet #localjobs #makeitealing
  • Facebook: /makeitealing Our aim is to share more content and details about the local area. We connect with business profiles.
  • Instagram: @makeitealing A growing and expanding library of images from across the town centre, with a relaxed and informal feel. The aim is to connect and share images of the town centre and our businesses.