Mess Radio

What is a MESS Radio?

A StoreNet radio scheme, managed through MRS Communications, allowing businesses to be in instant communication with each other, for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime.

Mechanics of the service:

  • The MESS radio will allow you to communicate with other businesses on the scheme, the CCTV control centre, the Metropolitan Police, Ealing Broadway Centre security team and the MIE team.
  • All training for the scheme is provided by M.R.S communications.
  • Monthly usage reports will be provided at the security meetings.
  • All radio users will be obliged to attend at least 6 security meeting held by Make it Ealing.

User Guide Lines:

  • All businesses should sign on and off the radio daily – this is done turning the radio off and on.
  • Radios should be charged overnight and businesses ready to accept and transmit messages from when they open.
  • All users must be trained and fully conversant with the system.
  • Messages should be kept clear and concise.
  • Need more training on using the radio system please contact M.R.S communications to arrange in house training. 02920 810810 Training is free.