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Unit 30, Longfield Avenue, Dickens Yard, Ealing W5 2TD

020 3362 0688

Monday ..... 6am - 9:15pm

Tuesday ..... 6am - 9:15pm

Wednesday ..... 6am - 9:15pm

Thursday ..... 6am - 9pm

Friday ..... 6am - 9:30pm

Saturday ..... 7am - 8pm

Sunday ..... 9:30am - 8pm


triyoga intention is to be the best yoga centre with the best teachers – offering a wide range of styles of yoga, honouring yoga’s diversity and maintaining authenticity.

triyoga believe yoga is for everyone: you don’t need to be 25, supple, a size 6 or a vegetarian to benefit from yoga: it suits any body shape or life stage – kids, teens, pregnancy, middle + advanced years.

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